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At Citizens Advice South Hams we also offer specialist advice through our various projects. If you seek advice from us and we think you would benefit from being referred to one of these projects, we will let you know. For some services you can also self-refer.

Sustainable Tenancies

Citizens Advice South Hams is delighted to have been awarded funding from the TDS Charitable Foundation to provide a tailored advice service to landlords and tenants across South Hams.

Sustainable Tenancies is a project designed to raise awareness of new housing rights and responsibilities and is designed to help both tenants and landlords in South Hams. The project focuses on changes in energy regulations and provides guidance on new legislative changes, promote free energy efficiency assessments to landlords and tenants, help tenants to switch energy providers and change to cheaper tariffs when appropriate.

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Energy Best Deal Extra

Our Energy Best Deal Extra project provides energy checks and help for anyone in fuel poverty. We help clients to switch energy providers and change to cheaper tariffs when appropriate. New suppliers are popping up daily and it is almost impossible to keep up with the competition in the fuel market. We have been able to help some clients to save up to £500+ per year just by helping them to switch suppliers/tariff. If you would like help from the project you will just need a recent copy of your bill and some basic information such as the supplier you are with and how much you pay each month. If you are in ‘fuel poverty’ we will look at your costs to see if we can reduce them, and maximise your income. If you have any arrears we will look at ways to pay off the arrears. This can all be delivered by phone or email and in some cases face to face.

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Healthwatch provides advice and advocacy for people using health or social care services. Healthwatch has significant statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care services.


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Multiple Sclerosis Advocacy Project

Advice and advocacy for anyone affected by MS, including those who have MS themselves, carers for people with MS, or people who live with someone who suffers with MS.

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