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If you or someone you know is over 65, has care needs or is vulnerable and doesn’t already receive a disability payment, they may be entitled to Attendance Allowance.

Lots of older people who struggle with day to day care aren’t claiming Attendance Allowance that could help them stay independent in their own homes longer, because they think they aren’t entitled to it.

Attendance Allowance is a tax free weekly payment of £57.30 or £85.60 depending on the need.  It’s not means tested or dependant on savings, it won’t affect your state pension and is exempt from the benefits cap.

It can be spent on anything that makes life easier for you, someone to help with personal care, taxis to go shopping or to visit family and friends, bills, a stair lift, a cleaner/gardener or just ensuring you stay safe.

If you have had difficulties for 6 months or longer you can apply for Attendance Allowance, if you are in hospital you can apply but you won’t receive anything until you come out. If you live in a private care home and pay your own costs you can also apply.

If you are terminally ill you can apply straight away and your application will be speeded up.

To find out more, visit

To ring the DWP helpline or to ask for an application form, ring 0800 731 0122

If you need help filling in the application form, ring Citizens Advice South Hams on 03 444 111 444


I always find the people at the Citizens Advice more than helpful. They go out of their way to deal with distressed and confused people in a compassionate and sensitive way. Citizens Advice is a wonderful service – long may it last.

John – January 2024

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