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Ten great reasons to volunteer

1. Make a difference
It can be incredibly rewarding to contribute something non-financial to a cause you care about.

2. Boost your confidence
Trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone every now and then can do wonders for your confidence levels.

3. Do something interesting
Don’t let your spare time trickle away – fill it doing something interesting and challenging.

4. Meet new people
Tired of doing the same things with the same group of friends? Widen your circle and horizons by meeting people you might not normally.

5. Improve your prospects
Having volunteering on your CV demonstrates that you’re someone with initiative and a rounded life. Nearly one third of the volunteers who leave the service each year go on into paid work.

6. Get to know your community
Whether you’ve lived in a town for 20 years or have just moved there as a student, you’ll develop a great feel for the people and the place at a CAB.

7. Put your talents to use
Use it or lose it! Got the gift of languages? Volunteer as an interpreter. A flair for design? Create reception displays. The possibilities are endless.

8. Enjoy free training
Adviser training is accredited by the Open College Network, and other skills like PR, campaigning and administration can be learnt on the job in a supportive environment.

9. Gain office-based work experience
Get ahead of the competition for jobs and university places with some real life experience. Law students, for example, can knock 6 months off their training contract by volunteering as an adviser.

10. We need you!
75% of the people who work in the Citizens Advice service are volunteers, and we simply wouldn’t be here for our clients without them.

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South Hams Citizens Advice
Volunteering agreement


This agreement sets out the broad principles for volunteering with South Hams CAB.

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer is someone who freely gives their time and does not receive financial reward beyond the reimbursement of expenses.

The volunteer relationship is binding in honour of trust and mutual understanding. No enforceable obligation, contractual or otherwise can be imposed on volunteers and volunteering does not affect a person’s entitlement to welfare or out of work benefits.

Volunteers can leave at any time and can negotiate how much involvement they choose to have with South Hams CAB.

Our responsibility to our volunteers:

  • To ensure volunteers receive appropriate training, support and feedback via regular supervision meetings and an annual appraisal.
  • To ensure that the bureau has a good level of relevant expertise in the management of volunteers.
  • To provide volunteers with adequate resources and equipment appropriate to their role.
  • To recognise effort, loyalty and dedication.
  • To ensure a volunteer knows who to turn to with problems and difficulties and to resolve fairly any complaints or grievances.
  • To provide timely and accurate information about the bureau and Citizens Advice service’s policies, procedures, consultations, events and resources.
  • To trust volunteers with confidential information in order to carry out their role.
  • To ensure volunteers are covered by relevant insurances.
  • To fully reimburse volunteers of any travel costs associated with volunteering
  • To provide a reference.
  • To provide a health and safety compliant working environment, free from discrimination.

Our expectations of our volunteers:

  • To represent the interests of South Hams CAB and its clients
  • To maintain and uphold the good name and reputation of South Hams CAB and the wider Citizens Advice service.
  • To handle sensitive information in accordance with the CAB service’s standards on confidentiality, information assurance and data protection
  • To support the bureau’s equal opportunities and diversity policy and to help promote diversity.
  • To be reliable and to arrive on time, giving appropriate notice for your role if you are unable to attend.
  • To inform the bureau of issues or problems that make it difficult for you fulfill your agreed role and to ask for support when it is needed.
  • To understand and agree to relevant bureau polices
  • To respect the rights of the clients and other workers in the bureau and the wider Citizens Advice service.
  • To have a non-judgmental attitude.
  • To carry out the specified role profile to the best of your ability.
  • To be accountable for the work you do and take part in an annual appraisal.
  • To participate in all relevant training offered.
  • To participate in bureau meetings.
  • To have an understanding of South Hams CAB’s and Citizens Advice service’s quality standards and how they apply to your role.
  • To address areas of conflict constructively with the appropriate person.
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What our volunteers think

The skills I use when volunteering:

“ Team work, sensitivity, careful listening, problem solving, researching a wide range of topics that affect all our daily lives”A N Other
“Encouraging individuals to feel they can speak about their problems”Mr Smith
“Enhancing my sense of humour and resilience”A Volunteer
“Problem solving, desire to help, researching, listening, caring and expanding my knowledge base”A Volunteer
“Listening, questioning, assessing, analysing, summarising, checking information using a computer to look information up, writing reports”A Volunteer

Why I volunteer with Citizens Advice:

“Being part of an organisation to help people”A Volunteer
“Primarily to help people make a difference to people needing help”A Volunteer
“I enjoy being part of a team”A Volunteer
“Feel good factor when we help people stand up against and assist with unfairness and injustice”A Volunteer
“Broadening my outlook on life through dealing with social issues that I would not otherwise come across”A Volunteer